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We All Thrive When We Belong

Personal Development

For Corporation & Education Institutions

Diversity Inclusion Incubator

Meet Lula


Lula Abera believes that our stories are our bridge to personal change and connection. When we access and use them, we are able to build better within ourselves and our community. Lula is primed and ready to help her clients to unravel the narrative and create great impact right where they stand today!

Before working with Lula, I was at a crossroad where I had to make a lot of different decisions in my life. Everything was very hectic. What brought me to book a session is because I knew that having positive goals meant needing someone who is a coach to help motivate me in every area of my life.

- I.Sutton

Get Guidance

We all are complex, nuanced, multi-layered beings composed of many identities, roles, and positions in the world. When we embrace and understand the unique intersection of who we are and use them, we can better ourselves and our community. Lula will help you uncover your inner story and unlock new successes both collaboratively and developmentally.

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