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I believe in the power of listening and sharing voices through conversation, allowing individuals and organizations to reflect and move to decisions about their life and work in more meaningful ways. Regardless of the methods you choose for community engagement, such as town halls, retreats, strategic planning, community forums, needs assessment, or surveys, the dialogue process will help give the information meaning and guide your organization's future direction. I can help your teams step back and critically reflect intentionally through conversation. This will take your group's dialogue deeper to explore your assets, reflect on how you have effectively responded to people's and organizational needs, and explore how you can address those needs more strategically.


Facilitating Complex Conversations

I provide an experienced facilitator for large or small groups where an objective professional is needed to guide a group through their agenda, ensure active participation, and work through challenging topics Conferences + Training. I bring creative and exciting activities to already established events that engage participants and build community in a fun way.

Examples of Facilitation Work I have Done Includes 
  • Facilitating meetings (e.g. Board meetings, team meetings, off-site meetings, training and development workshops)

  • Facilitating discussions related to conflict occurring within teams and groups

  • Facilitating conversations to resolve interpersonal conflict between individuals

  • Running focus groups

  • Conducting organizational assessments and developing recommendations for next steps and action planning

  • Gathering feedback from one-on-one interviews (data gathering for team or organization development work)

  • Identifying strategic goals, priorities and action steps

  • Clarifying organization roles and responsibilities

  • Clarifying decision-making (how decisions are made and who makes the call)

  • Team development facilitation

  • Managing the people side of change


Workshops range from half-day (1-3 hour sessions) to full-day off-site retreats. Schedule a free phone consultation with me to share some of your experience, and I'll put together a proposal to address your concerns.

Schedule A Free Consultation 

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