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Team Coaching

 Your team can connect and become a stronger, more cohesive, and efficacious unit.

Your employees spend at least one-third of their lives working –– by building a flourishing, healthy work culture, you can effectively change their lives for the better.


However, this requires a unique, multi-layered approach. You’ll need to know how to strategically and empathetically care for your employee’s personal and workplace health.


Team leadership coaching empowers teams to harness their collective potential and the unique abilities of each team member while nurturing strong connections within the group.

My primary emphasis is guiding teams in setting and achieving their goals while helping team members develop the skills necessary for collective success. We actively promote transparent and open communication, which counteracts harmful behaviors such as triangulation, exclusivity, passive aggression, and other behaviors that can hinder a positive team culture.

As a result of our coaching, teams achieve high levels of performance and significantly enhance the value of their contribution.

Team Coaching is designed to:

Support employees' overall well-being at work & home

Increase your employees' confidence to foster employee retention

Empower your employees' performance & effectiveness 

Cultivate a safe, confidential space for your team

Overcome team challenges, stress-points or growth areas

Reduce employee/
team/employer conflict or tension

Personalized Care for Your Organization’s Needs

Sounds like what you’ve been looking for? Perfect!

My monthly organization coaching packages include in-person and virtual hours to ensure your needs and goals are addressed and met.

Our Rates

Rates vary depending on the number of employees. Schedule a free consultation today, and I can create a custom ​quote for your unique organization.

Your Privacy Matters

I genuinely care for your business’ privacy and image. Thus, all the information shared by the clients during the individual or team sessions will be kept strictly private and confidential. 

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

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