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Conflict Resolution
& Mediation

Find your best path to mutual understanding

Are you dealing with conflict at the workplace? 


As a certified conflict resolution consultant, I provide various workplace conflict resolution services, from large-scale systemic interventions to binding, interpersonal mediation. One of my primary services is my Workplace Conflict Resolution Program, designed to address current conflicts between individuals and teams

​Workplace mediation is an efficient and effective tool to allow employees to air and resolve workplace conflict and rebuild working relationships. This includes communication problems, personality or work style clashes, disputes, or tensions between colleagues, supervisors, and subordinates.
As a mediator, I collaborate with clients as an impartial third party. My approach allows clients to resolve their differences in a structured, fair, and neutral environment. The guiding principle of mediation is that all parties have the right to negotiate and attempt to determine the outcome of their conflict.

Mediation Resolution Process:

One-on-One Interviews

The Workplace Conflict Resolution Program begins with individual meetings between each participant involved to identify and diagnose the source of the conflict and the conflict type and level.



In a collaborative effort with the individual(s) involved, we will be working together to focus on the problem behavior. These sessions serve as a deep dive into the issues and an opportunity to coach and prepare each participant to engage in constructive dialogue.

Facilitated Dialogue

Based on the individual interviews and assessment, we will determine who to involve in the dialogue sessions facilitated by me. The goal will be to reconcile grievances and create an agreement or plan to move productively in the working relationship.

Follow-Up Coaching

After the dialogues and agreements, I will provide a series of coaching sessions with each participant to ensure the solutions are working. Rebuilding trust is an ongoing process, which requires constant monitoring, assessment, and adjustment.


It is important to understand the parties are encouraged – but not forced – to reach an agreement. If they cannot reach an agreement that they can live with, they will at least have a better understanding of each other’s perspectives.

Your Privacy Matters

I genuinely care for your business’ privacy and image. Thus, all the information shared by the clients during our sessions will be kept strictly private and confidential. 

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