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Community Engagement


I am passionately committed to advancing opportunities for everyone and nurturing communities where each individual feels safe, valued, and respected. At the core of achieving success in public sector projects is genuine community engagement.

My approach to this work is rooted in equity, ensuring that feedback opportunities are readily available to all community members, regardless of age, ethnicity, race, income, or mobility. I place a special emphasis on connecting with individuals who have historically been marginalized in the planning processes.

I have engaged closely with communities in Coatesville, Lancaster, and Philadelphia, collaborating on the development of public involvement strategies that reach community members in their homes, workplaces, and recreational spaces.

Community engagement goes beyond mere checkboxes; it's about customizing projects to align with the unique needs of each community. Communities possess invaluable insights into how infrastructure can improve their daily lives, and we firmly believe that genuinely successful projects must integrate these insights. Together, we can construct projects that not only serve the community but also have a profound and lasting impact.

Community Engagement Process:

Community Engagement:

The foundation of successful planning begins with community outreach and stakeholder engagement. These efforts are crucial in comprehending the existing conditions and establishing a shared vision. Empowering residents, business owners, stakeholders, staff, and elected officials leaves a lasting impact on the community.

Informed Decision-Making:

Effective planning goes beyond mere visioning and design. It hinges on the transparent communication of pertinent information to stakeholders, enabling them to make well-informed decisions that guide the development of a plan and its subsequent actions. Our deliverables are designed to be accessible to all, not just technical experts. This demonstrates how informed input shapes priority strategies and initiatives.


Our plans are centered on creating lasting improvements tailored to specific communities. Combining short- and long-term initiatives provides a roadmap for turning plans into actionable steps. This results in clear guidance on what to do next, who should take the lead, and how funding can be secured.

My community engagement services are committed to empowering communities through effective engagement strategies, ensuring that planning results in tangible and sustainable enhancements.

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