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Meet Lula

Hi! I am a coach, trained facilitator, conflict resolution mediator, and organizational development consultant who works with individuals and organization leaders who want to achieve more, enhance their organizational culture and have leadership skills to build a better-balanced life. I am also a Nonprofit leader who spent 12 years working as a community collaborator, facilitator, advocate, and helping organizational leaders engage with their staff and communities.

I believe that our stories are our bridge to personal change and connection.We all are complex, nuanced, multi-layered beings composed of many identities, roles, and positions in the world. When we embrace and understand  the unique intersection of who we are and use them, we can better ourselves and our community. I am passionate about uncovering and amplifying the inner stories of people within organizations and in their own lives to help them unlock new successes both collaboratively and developmentally. My passion for facilitating dialog has led to the creation of Lula Abera LLC designed to help those in need of coaching and African Women Journey designed to maintain the connection in the diaspora community. 

I believe that impact can happen anywhere for anyone, but there has to be a plan in place and concerted effort to make sure that those who may feel disconnected from the mission, vision, values, and process are invited into the conversation to not only listen but also to be heard. People's stories will continue to drive their growth, but sometimes, everyone needs a little help to clarify what that story means and how to use it for the best. I am so excited and ready to help my clients unravel the narrative and create a great impact right where they stand today.

Saint Joseph University, 

MS, Organization Development and Leadership.

Millersville University, 

BA, Social Work, Government Political Affairs.

University of Pennsylvania, 

Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy.


Saint Joseph University, 

Coaching Leadership Certification.

Cornell University,

Conflict Resolution Certification.

PCC Certification by the International Coach Federation.

University of Michigan,

Leading Diverse Teams and Organizations.



I believe that our stories are our bridge to personal change and connection. When we access and use them, we can support our wellbeing, growth, and fulfillment in life.

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