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Meet Lula

Lula is a connector, convener, builder, learner, and thought partner who thrives in exploring new spaces and creating innovative frameworks. 

She finds joy in collaborating with her peers as a thought partner and connector, fostering new understandings, learning opportunities, and creative processes.

With 14 years of experience as an expert organizational development consultant, certified coach, community engagement specialist, conflict resolution mediator, and thought-provoking facilitator, Lula brings a holistic approach to her work, prioritizing equity and inclusion. Throughout her childhood and career, she has been in environments where people who shared her background were often underrepresented. This background fuels her passion for creating change.

Lula is dedicated to helping great leaders build great organizations. From assisting leaders in envisioning the future of their organizations to coaching them in acquiring the skills needed for that visionary path, and from evaluating an organization's current culture to developing the training and policies that foster greater employee engagement, Lula considers the full scope of a company and its people.


She firmly believes that when individuals anchor themselves in their values and discover their voices, they can shape the life they desire and become the person they aspire to be

Saint Joseph University, 

MS, Organization Development and Leadership.

Millersville University, 

BA, Social Work, Government Political Affairs.

University of Pennsylvania, 

Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy.


Saint Joseph University, 

Coaching Leadership Certification.

Cornell University,

Conflict Resolution Certification.

PCC Certification by the International Coach Federation.

University of Michigan,

Leading Diverse Teams and Organizations.



Lula Abera Coaching & Consulting empowers Black and Brown leaders and fosters inclusive organizational cultures through connective strategies, change management, real interactions, strategic DEI initiatives, and leadership development programs. Our firm draws on personal experiences and professional expertise to offer authentic and impactful coaching and consulting services to simplify the complexities of intersectionality because We All Thrive When We Belong.

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