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Hear Directly From Our Clients

You are the reason, I am committed to helping people reach their full potential. Below are testimonials from the amazing individuals in our community. If you have not yet shared your review, please click here to leave your feedback. Thank you for being a part of our tribe!

Watch This Video Review By The Cultured Professional (TCP)


"Before working with Lula, I was at a crossroads where I had to make a lot of different decisions in my life, in addition to processing the beginning of the pandemic, which was very eye-opening for me. Everything was very hectic. What brought me to book a session is because I knew that having positive goals meant needing someone who is a coach to help motivate me in every area of my life. Things were hectic, but I wanted a change for the better. I felt much more centered and self-aware after having sessions with Lula. I would definitely recommend anyone to utilize working with Lula without hesitation. She is an excellent goal/life coach and is very professional, helpful and trustworthy."


"I started working with Lula with no knowledge of what coaching can do; I just knew I needed professional help to cultivate more balance in my life. Lula was so excellent in creating a safe space where I can trust her and myself in every session. I am especially grateful for her coaching approach that adapts to how I think and how I do things. Lula’s coaching has given me the tools to take the reins in my life and live each day aligned with my core values. I would strongly recommend Lula to anyone…..even those who are hesitant about working with a life coach."


"Being coached by Lula has been very pivotal in my life and business. It was a blessing to have her support in such uncertain times during a global pandemic. Lula’s empathy and compassion while providing accountability, consistency, and a safe space is a space that everyone can benefit from.  One-on-one coaching offers self-reflection that leads to ah-ha moments and healing that supersedes any other accomplishment one can achieve. Thank you, Lula, for being my safe space, but most of all, thank you for actively listening without judgment."


"During my time working with Lula I was writing my second book and preparing to publish my first activity book. Lula helped me create measurable goals for the soft launch of my books and not only brought meaningful ideas to our sessions but she challenged me each week. I benefited from coaching sessions by having a partner who held me accountable and pushed me beyond my comfort zone. I would highly recommend these sessions to others."


"I was in an uncomfortable space and feeling very unsettled. I needed and wanted to transition out of the job and town I was in, and was ready to finally plant roots somewhere and with someone. I felt stuck though, and didn't fully know how to get into a better position mentally and emotionally so I could attain my goals. I wanted change, but felt like I had a mental block. I saw Lula's post about offering life coach sessions and knew it was a sign to take back control and get my life moving in a better direction. My experience  with Lula was great! I looked forward to our sessions because I knew it was a time when I would get what I needed--whether that was validation, challenge, being held accountable, or given the space I needed to speak my thoughts out loud and have someone help me process them. I also appreciate that I was given concrete tools to use to help me with some issues I was facing so I could eventually move towards no longer needing coaching. One of the biggest benefits for me was further developing the ability to recognize and celebrate the progress I made. My life changed rapidly throughout the time I was meeting with Lula. I accepted a job offer in a new city, planned a move halfway across the country, and opened myself up to being in a relationship again. Oftentimes I downplay my progress and don't give myself credit for moving from point A to point B, but Lula challenged me to sit in the moment and really recognize how far I've come. It was nice to be able to do that, and my confidence has grown in many areas because of that. I would absolutely recommend coaching with Lula. I think anybody who's ready to make a change, but may not know exactly how to go about it can benefit from sessions with Lula. She's compassionate, non-judgmental, and has a knack for connecting with people on their level while guiding them to where they want to be."


"Lula thrives most when exploring the root of difficult issues and when cultivating transformative spaces. She approaches every task with humility, empathy, and leadership. I had the pleasure of working under Lula during a time of organizational transformation. Instead of shying away from the hard questions that came with transformation, Lula was able to lead our organization in three days of catalyzing conversations that would create the space for renewed trust between our staff. She truly listened and went on to weave a unified vision that successfully translated our individual needs. That is a testament to Lula’s uncanny ability to construct clear steps forward through confusion, distrust, and fear. I have no doubt that her aptitude in strategic planning would make her a prime asset for any organization."


"I felt stuck in life while battling grief and career advancement issues. I joined a professional sisterhood and met Lula. She offered life coaching services to the group and I decided to try it out. I don’t warm up to people easily but she was patient with me. I felt heard and encouraged. I received tangible activities and exercises to work on in between sessions, which I value. She was observant, personable and extremely engaging and would often share growth or changes she saw in me. I would recommend her life coaching service to everyone. It was a new experience for me but an experience I will never forget. It was something I didn’t even know I needed."

Strategic Operations Director

"We held a team retreat to better understand internal tensions between staff members and our executive team. We were also eager to begin laying a serious foundation for organizational infrastructure that would decrease staff turnover/burnout and increase effectiveness.


I left with a newfound respect for my colleagues after learning about their daily struggles and seeing them agree as a unit on best next steps for the org. Lula did a great job of delicately navigating a range of emotions from staff members with varying opinions. I would recommend and rehire Lula in a heartbeat. She is a breath of fresh air and has high emotional intelligence."


"Connecting & collaborating with Lula has been a true blessing. Initially reaching out for support with business coaching, I found myself able to co-create a safe space, in which Lula supported me in identifying my fears & goals.  As a recovery coach, clinician, community support, & entrepreneur, I felt unsure of who would support me in slowing down while engaged in so many different roles.


 Lula encouraged me to continue taking things on slowly, investing in my dreams with action while focusing on attainable options.  I have been able to present my idea to multiple locations, resulting in creating a wellness workshop within the Philadelphia school district. 


I'm increasing my passion projects & hope in continuing to utilize the helpful skills & reflections that Lula supported during our sessions together. 


I look forward to aligning with Lula  in the future, as the support has been a game-changer in 'getting out of my own way'" 

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