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Conflict Coaching

Are  you gearing up for a difficult conversation, looking for guidance, clarity, desiring better conflict skills in all aspects of your life, or like help with an ongoing conflict. In that case, conflict coaching can be an excellent alternative for you. 


Conflict coaching is a one-on-one training session to gain perspective and skills in managing conflict. Think of it as a training session for one that is tailored for you, your needs, and your skills. 


As a coach, I help my clients develop clarity on key issues, make high-quality decisions about how to manage their conflict, and create action plans. As a client, you implement what you learn to make a difference in your life.


Conflict coaching can be helpful in various circumstances, including conflicts in the workplace, divorce, community disputes, family disagreements, or business conflicts.

My responsibility as your Coach is to:

Understand your conflict style


Explore options to make informed choices about how to manage conflict

Clarify your goals, interests and priorities


Identify and design actions you can take to quickly & efficiently reach your goals 

Help you to understand & manage your reactions to conflict

Improve your conflict communication


Schedule a Consultation

If this feels like exactly what you’ve been looking for, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation today! I’m here if and when you need me. Let’s bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in life.

Our Rates

Rates vary depending on the number of sessions. My hourly rate for a single session is $200. 

  • 3 sessions  $600

  • 6 sessions $1,200

  • 12 sessions $2,400


We can schedule our sessions weekly or biweekly.

Your Privacy Matters

I genuinely care for your business’ privacy and image. Thus, all the information shared by the clients during the individual or team sessions will be kept strictly private and confidential. 

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

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